To prayerfully lead people to faith in Jesus Christ and equip people to live as servants devoted to Jesus Christ and His church.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Luke 6:31

Our History

Antioch originated from Hickory Grove Baptist Church. Sister Francis Blanks and others whose names are lost in history and time envisioned a church for their people.

A building committee was formed to purchase two and one-fourth acres of land from Mr. Glass for the church building. Members of the committee were Bro R. Gordon, Chairman, and Brothers: C. Crockett, Hence Harvey, J.C. Chatman, Robert Brown, Ivery McWilliams, Albert Pringle and J.T. Ramsey. Sisters: Millie Brown, Nancy Brown, Lorriah Ann Hursey, and Nancy Brown Turner.

The 2 ¼ acres was not enough land to erect a church therefore 2.75 acres was purchased for the price of $21.00. A second committee was appointed to get Mr. Henry Tinsley to purchase another land deed and have it recorded. The members were Brothers: R.B. Ramsey, R. Gordon, Willie Gordon, Hence Harvey and J.C. Chatman. Presently the church owns 40 acres of land.

Church Activities

Antioch Missionary Baptist Church

The first church service was held under a Bush Harbor and later a lodge was erected. The Reverends Whitehead, Adams and Wilson were rugged men of God faced with the tremendous task of organizing and disciplining the members of Antioch.

In 1891, the first Deacon Board was organized to help the Pastor take care of church affairs. Rules of the first Deacon Board were: (1) The Church shall meet in conference; (2) First Moderator shall open the conference with song and a prayer; (3) Invite persons to unite with the church; (4) Invite visiting members to sit in conference; (5) Attend to business of reference; (6) Inquire if the Deacons have business to lay before the church and (7) Introduce new business.

The transactions of the early church were kept in the minds and hearts of the founders because many of them were unable to read or write. Information was passed down by word of mouth from generation to generation and was later told to and recorder by Mr. Trab Mosley. Former Deacons of Antioch were Brothers: Rus Gordon, Ben Parker, Hence Harvey, Louis Ramsey, L.V. Coats, Leotis Clark, Frank Harvey, Marion Harvey, Frank McQuarters, Sr., Rossie Coats, Melvin Jenkins, Leo Gordon and Luther Gordon. The former men of God who helped shape the destiny of Antioch Baptist Church are Reverends: A. C. Moss, R. Merritt, Ben Whitehead, Dan Ruffin, Prince Pringle, Frank Wilson, J.J. Overstreet, J.H. Hendricks, E.D. Pollard, T.H. Dickson, F. Brown, C.R. Burrage, H.J. Morgan, Loyd Smith and Alex Smith (1967-1995).

In 1974, the building of a new Antioch church begun and the first worship service was held in June 1975. On August 27, 1978, the cornerstone was laid. On June 25, 1979, a special Mortgage Burning Service was held. Information was complied in 1979 by Sis Helen Jenkins Gordon as told to her by the Church Clerk, Deacon Frank McQuarters, Sr.

In 1995, God sent to Antioch Pastor Cleveland Hayes. He is a man of God that has taught and led us through the word of God. He preached his first sermon the 4th Sunday in October, 1995. Pastor Hayes is the present day Pastor God has placed at Antioch.

In 1998, new additions were added to the church building - A Pastor Study, Library and extension to the Fellowship Hall. In 2004, the front foyer was remodel and bathrooms added. In 2005, a Constitution was adopted and Antioch official name was changed to Antioch Missionary Baptist Church.

The members of Antioch Missionary Baptist Church are the recipients of a noble and rich heritage that we are thankful for. It is our prayer and dream that by faith we will continue to work for the Church and for the building up of God’s Kingdom.

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