To prayerfully lead people to faith in Jesus Christ and equip people to live as servants devoted to Jesus Christ and His church.

Do to others as you would have them do to you.

Luke 6:31

Our Pastor

In these times of wars and rumors of wars, what we need is a good soldier. Pastor Hayes exemplifies a good Christian soldier.

Pastor Hayes is faithful -not betraying the charge committed to him, declaring the whole counsel of God, and keeping back nothing that is profitable. He has a true understanding of the scriptures, a gift of explication, and a faculty of edifying speech. He’s a true soldier of Christ enrolled by Him, trained by Him, armed by Him, supported by Him, as captain of our salvation.

Pastor Hayes' ministry is a warfare involving not only the good fight of faith but an increasing struggle against demonic spirits. Like the soldier, he must face many hardships when fearlessly meeting the enemies of the LORD.

Church Activities

Pastor Cleveland Hayes

Pastor Hayes stands firm in the word of God from Genesis to Revelation. He walks in the spirit of humbleness. He is strong in the LORD. He wants the best for his sheep. He’s stands in the face of the devils tricks. He ministers through the Spirit of Love. He has a shepherd’s heart. He is trained in structure and order.

Pastor Hayes has a natural background to teach. He continually seeks the face of God for the flock he submitted to the calling on his life and is willing to be obedient and go forth and spread the Good News that Jesus lives. He has a passion for the Word. He enthusiastically serves as Pastor of the Antioch Baptist Church.

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